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Daytime Porter Service 

BrightStar Property Maintenance offers personalized daytime porter services, available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to harmonize with the specific needs of your business. Our expertly trained porters not only abide by the most recent industry standards and protocols but also focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. The presence of our day porters contributes significantly to the property's beautification, ensuring a clean, welcoming, and attractive environment. They serve as a valuable asset for property managers by identifying and swiftly addressing any potential property issues. Plus, our responsive sales team is ready to offer a competitively priced quote promptly. With full licensing and insurance, we assure top-tier, reliable, and safe services. At BrightStar, we provide more than just maintenance; we facilitate an embellished and well-manicured property appearance.

Day Porter duties include:

  • Skilled in the thorough cleaning and relining of trash receptacles

  • Expertise in providing spotless emergency clean-up services

  • Specialize in the upkeep and sanitary maintenance of dumpsters

  • Proficiency in intensive cleaning, handpicking, and disinfection services 

  • Experienced in swift and effective graffiti removal

  • Litter removal from bushes and fence lines

  • Cobweb removal

  • Window cleaning          

  • Cleaning ashtrays / cigarette bud removal

  • Maintenance of ashtrays and removal of cigarette buds

  • Accomplished in painting tasks to maintain property appearance

  • Special event cleanup services

  • Power Blowing 

  We know your image mirrors your success—that's why our team ensure your property remains pristine and professional. With BrightStar, find a partner invested in your bottom line and committed to boosting the success of your property!"

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Fort Lauderdale & Orlando, Florida

Ft. Lauderdale:  (954) 951-2500 | Orlando:  (407) 218-6609

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