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Post Construction Clean-up Services


After investing time and resources into perfecting your building's interior, the exterior deserves an equal level of care. BrightStar Property Maintenance specializes in handling the aftermath of remodeling or new construction work, ensuring all post-construction mess and debris are removed meticulously. Our services, including power broom sweeping and vacuum sweeping, not only maintain your property's professional appearance but also shield you from the hassle of post-construction cleaning.


With our cutting-edge cleaning equipment and trained staff, we promise excellence, regardless of the job's size. Our hands-on quality control methodology minimizes risk of damage and delivers the consistent results our valued clients expect from us. You can expect an on-site account manager overseeing the project and a follow-up call from our quality control manager, all to ensure your complete satisfaction.


We have a solid grasp on what general contractors require during the final phase of a construction project. With BrightStar Property Maintenance, you can trust that the job will be done right and on schedule. Plus, our flexible shifts, either day or night, cater to your convenience. Our keen attention to detail has shaped our gold-star reputation and is the foundation of our unrivaled services in post-construction cleaning. Choose BrightStar Property Maintenance for a pristine and professionally maintained property.

  • Debris and Waste Removal: Thorough disposal of leftover construction material and waste.

  • Detailed Dusting: Deep cleaning of all surfaces to remove fine construction dust.

  • Floor Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning of all floor types including buffing, waxing, and carpet cleaning.

  • Wall and Ceiling Cleaning: Detailed cleaning to eliminate dust and marks from painted or wallpapered walls and ceilings.

  • Window Cleaning: Includes streak-free glass cleaning, frame and seal cleaning, and removal of stickers and paint splatters.

  • Pressure Washing: High-pressure cleaning of outdoor surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, decks, and patios.

  • Light Fixture Cleaning: Gentle cleaning of lights, chandeliers, and other fixtures.

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: Detailed cleaning and restoration of tiles and grouting in kitchens, bathrooms, and other tiled areas.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Sanitization: Deep cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and kitchens, including fixtures and appliances.

  • Door and Frame Cleaning: Cleaning and polishing of doors and frames to remove dust, paint splatters, and fingerprints. 

  • Final Touch-Up: Final inspection and touch-up cleaning to assure perfect readiness for occupancy.

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Fort Lauderdale & Orlando, Florida

Ft. Lauderdale:  (954) 951-2500 | Orlando:  (407) 218-6609

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